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Accession Number



Compound type


Prevezol B

PubChem Compound ID


ChemSpider ID



Molecular Formula


C 20 H 33 BrO 3

Molecular Weight [g/mol]



Monoisotopic Mass [Da]



Binomial name


Laurencia obtusa

Geographical Origin


Preveza, Ionean Sea, Greece



Dichloromethane/Methanol (2:1)

Biological activity


Cytotoxic - MCF7(IC 50 =135.6然); PC3(IC 50 =80.4然); HeLa(IC 50 =78.0然); A431(IC 50 =65.2然); K562(IC 50 =76.4然)

Structure Information




IUPAC name


SMILES notation

InChI   InChI=1/C20H33BrO3/c1-12(2)15-7-9-20(5,24)18(22)16(15)10-13(3)14-6-8-19(4,23)17(21)11-14/h14-18,22-24H,1,3,6-11H2,2,4-5H3/t14-,15-,16-,17-,18+,19+,20+/m1/s1
Predicted Properties    
ALOGPS   3.52   # of Rule of 5 Violations   0
#H-Bond Donor   3   Molar Refractivity [cm3]   101.890
#H-Bond Acceptor   3   Polar Surface Area [2]   60.69
# Freely Rotating Bonds   4   Van der Waals surface area [2]   570.67
Reference   Novel Cytotoxic Brominated Diterpenes from the Red Alga Laurencia obtusa. Iliopoulou D, Mihopoulos N, Vagias C, Papazafiri P, Roussis V. J. Org. Chem. 2003: 68 (20); 7667-74.


PMID: 14510540